Your Body LOVES YOU Unconditionally…So STOP Fighting It!

Today I want to share something really important with you. Something that helped me SO much to make peace with my body and stop controlling it. Stop thinking like I can change my body, my weight or my eating.

We all know recovery from an eating disorder is super hard, very uncomfortable and requires us to face our biggest fears. In recovery, you might feel like your eating and weight are spiraling out of control, it makes you panic and often go back to restriction or relapse.

But all the scary symptoms of recovery – the weight gain, extreme hunger, bloating, water retention, feeling exhausted – are all healing symptoms! Your body is literally recovering from an eating disorder so of course, like with any other illness, recovering from it is not comfortable. But your body does all of that because it loves you so so much! This is how your body is designed to recover and there is nothing wrong with that!

The only thing that you need to change is your own mindset about your body. To stop fighting against your body and love your body back the same way your body has done it all along.

4 thoughts on “Your Body LOVES YOU Unconditionally…So STOP Fighting It!”

  1. Hello Elisa,

    Firstly, a big thank you for all of your videos and blog posts. I have found ALL of them so helpful and inspiring.

    I don’t want to go into the whole ED history and will skip out a lot of the details – otherwise i’d be here all day!

    a quick profile to give context to my question:

    I am 25 years old, have had issues with food and exercise since I was about 12, but got seriously unwell for the first time at 16. Since then I have been through cycles of “recovery” that I know have always been dishonest (I would continue exercise, only eat “safe” foods etc etc). I manage to gain some weight, but soon find myself spiralling back down to square one.
    I am at a point once again now where I just can not continue like this. I’m 25 years old for goodness sake!!
    I live each day following the same meal plan ( “health” foods but not restricting any one food group) and doing the same exercise routines (walking / cycling / “yoga”). I feel so out of touch with my body. I’m like an automatic machine.
    I totally want to let it all go, but without all the ED habits and rules, I am completely lost. It’s so tightly woven into every aspect of my life.
    I don’t have any food cravings, and when I go to eat, I just have no idea what is “normal” or what I even want.
    If I promise myself not to go on a bike ride or not to go for a walk, I have no idea what to do with myself, can’t concentrate on reading / drawing / watching a film and end up getting so frustrated that I give in.

    I was wondering if you have any recommendations / ideas to help me break out of this cycle?
    I know intuitive eating won’t work for me at the moment, but do you have any food ideas for someone who does not get hunger cues / doesn’t crave certain foods?

    Thanks once again for sharing your experiences and your wisdom

    Laure xx

  2. Thanks Elisa for your clear words. Watching this video made me cry and I felt a wave of compassion towards my body and also a deep regret for how I treated it during the last years. I would never treat any other living being in such a cruel way, so why do I mistreat my body which is my closest companion and who stays with me until I die? That really is so irrational.

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