You can’t fix EXTERNALLY what needs to be fixed INTERNALLY

If you say “I hate my body!” who really has a problem? Does your body have a problem? Or is the problem really your thoughts that say “I hate my body”?

It’s the same if I would go and tell someone “you should lose weight because you are disgusting.” Does it say more about my mindset and is it more about ME, or is it really about the other person? In this case, my thoughts say more about me than about the other person. It is not about the other person at all.

So am I projecting my fears and beliefs to my body as well? It is really not about your body, but about your THOUGHTS and beliefs about your body.

So this means that you should not focus on how to fix your body, but rather on how to fix your thoughts about your body.

Because every thought you think fires a chain reaction of feelings. You think the feelings come because of your body, but they really come because of what you THINK about your body.

Negative feelings about your body are like a warning message to start paying attention to what you are thinking. Because your thoughts create those feelings.

Therefore, you must change your thinking and thoughts, not your body.

Otherwise, you are fixating on something you can NEVER fix. Trying to fix your body will just make it worse. But fixing your thoughts will change everything!

You cannot fix something externally that needs to be fixed internally!

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