Will I get fat and keep on bingeing? // Instagram DM’s

Today I am answering this question I got in my Instagram DM’s:

“Hello Elisa! I just wanted to start off by saying the biggest thank you as you have given me the motivation to start off recovering from last week and I think I’m making good progress! I’m still very concerned though because I’m currently binge eating all the junk foods I restricted (I suffered with orthorexia) and I’m worried that my extreme hunger won’t stop until I’ve gone over my set point weight and I end up fat and can’t master the ability to eat intuitively. Also, if I do learn to eat intuitively, will I begin to want to eat more healthy foods again like I used to eat before and will I still be okay to eat cakes and desserts without getting fat? I imagine you’re very busy and if you don’t get chance to reply I understand but if you do I would appreciate it so much to keep me going!”

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