What You FOCUS On You Will ATTRACT! Your Mindset in Eating Disorder Recovery // Law of Attraction

Are you constantly focusing on your weight? How “fat” you are? How much you hate your body? How “unhealthy” you eat and feeling guilty about it? Then know that what you focus on you will attract more of!

More weight and body problems, more disordered eating and an unhealthy relationship with food. Whether the focus is negative or positive, you will attract it. This is the universal law – The Law of Attraction.

In order to fully recover, overcome food and body issues you must change your focus toward what you WANT! Toward the positive things you can feel grateful for, things that are aligned with the person you actually want to be!

In order to create the Ideal Version of Full Recovery you have to align with that goal vibrationally TODAY! Not tomorrow, or next week, but TODAY! Because your today’s thoughts and feelings are already creating your future!

3 thoughts on “What You FOCUS On You Will ATTRACT! Your Mindset in Eating Disorder Recovery // Law of Attraction”

  1. Thanks Elisa! I needed to hear this message today! ? You are such an amazing inspiration to me! I love these videos!

  2. Thank Elisa, although I have overcome my 12 years of disordered eating (primarily with the help of your videos) and the last thing I want is to think about my obsessive past, I can’t help visiting your website every now and again, just to see you! You’re such an inspiration, and I really appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for people around the world. Bless you!

    1. Hi! thanks for commenting, im so happy my videos have helped you! and that you have overcome 12 years or disordered eating, thats amazing!! :)) so so happy for you!

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