How To Trust Your Body And Listen To Your Intuition

If you have had an eating disorder for years or decades then its very understandable that you have lost touch with your body and intuition. Your intuitive voice may be clouded by fears, overthinking and worry.

In this video, I have some tips for you how you can connect again with your body and intuition. To build trust with your body and with yourself.

1. Learn what works for YOU and trust it ♥

So many people ask me to tell them exactly what they should do for recovery. While I can give you my best ideas and what has worked for me and my clients I cannot say 100% what exactly will work for you. There definitely are some fundamentals to recovery but every person is a little bit different and only YOU can find out what truly works for you! It is very important to go through some of your own trial and error processes to get to know your body and build trust within yourself, with your own intuitive voice. I learned about recovery from various different resources and put to together my own recovery program. And you have to do the same, to tweak it to your own needs.

2. Listen and apply your own advice ♥

Many people have already so much knowledge and wisdom about recovery. Maybe they have read many books and resources and are great giving advice to other people. But when it comes to them, then suddenly they are overcome by worry, fear and overthinking and feel that the same common recovery information does not apply to them. They feel like a unicorn. But I want to let you know that you have so much wisdom and knowledge inside of you already but you just have to learn to trust it, listen to it and apply the same information you so amazingly give out to others! Trust yourself! 

3. Change your self-talk and the voice you are listening ♥

One key element that really sabotages us and blocks our ability to truly listen and trust ourselves is our inner self-talk. Very often it is led by the eating disorder voice, not by the voice of your rational mind, heart, and intuition. You have to learn to tune into your intuitive voice that is compassionate, kind and rational. When you constantly repeat to yourself “I can’t trust myself, I don’t trust my body” then this is like a powerful affirmation you are sending out that will manifest the more you focus on it. You have to become aware of what voice you are listening and repeating to yourself. Is it the eating disorder voice or the intuitive voice that says “I trust myself, I trust my body”? And ONLY listen and follow the last one! 

4. Build trust by taking consistent action ♥

If you have had an eating disorder for many years then it’s very likely your body has lost the ability to trust you since it needs and requirements were never met, at least not on the consistent basis. So your body may feel a bit abandoned and betrayed. This is why it definitely takes some time to build this trust with your body gain. And how you can do it is by being consistently on the recovery path, following through with your actions, and never hurting your body again. Making this promise to your body and sticking with it.

Meditation to listen to your body’s intuitive guidance ♥
  1. Close your eyes, take deep breaths and relax your body.
  2. Ask a question focusing on your heart and intuition. You can also just listen or have a conversation with your body.
  3. Listen intently what comes up. The intuitive voice is kind, compassionate, loving voice.
  4. It can come to you like an idea or just a feeling or any other way. It can also come up later.
  5. You can write it down to reflect on and remember.
  6. Build trust by taking action.

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