I was 8 years old when I felt, for the first time, shame about my body (Self-Objectification). I was 16 when I embraced bulimia, and I was 45 when I was desperate, exhausted, and…. Hungry, after years in starvation mode. Luckily, I stumbled on one of Elisa’s YouTube videos and something clicked on my mind: I understood what recovery was, and I tried to do it on my own. I read her book (twice) “BrainwashED”, I watched loads of videos, and I learned a lot. However, after 6 months I hadn’t been able to GIVE IT ALL completely, I was still afraid of weight gain and restricting quite a lot. So, I asked Elisa for help, we started coaching and honestly, It was the best decision of my life. In only 2 months I’ve already rewired my brain. I’m eating without guilt, I’ve recovered my hunger cues and I’ve already gotten over all my fears. Besides, I’ve got my happiness back and my mind is clear again.  And the most important thing, thanks to Elisa I truly trust and love my body, I’m proud of it because I’ve finally understood how amazing it is. The recipe is “simple”, just eat (and rest), meanwhile working on the mindset, and here all you need to do is listen to Elisa. In every call, in every email, she provides not only daily support, but also tools to learn by yourself and to get fully recovered. She is kind, smart, she knows where you are because she was there before, she’s a great professional !!! So, make a commitment, trust the process, and don’t hesitate to ask Elisa for help. Don't waste your valuable time and welcome your freedom. - Clara, Spain

My story is similar to others which goes to show we have similar struggles and we can all achieve freedom because Elisa’s method is bulletproof 🙂 If someone gave me a million dollars to eat, I could not do it. I had been in treatment multiple times but I still could not eat freely and enough. Restriction had become second nature. After so many failed attempts, I was quite apprehensive to invest more money in recovery only to fail again. However, Elisa’s approach was different and I was desperate. So, I decided to try. Six months later (yes, that short) I am in a great place: I have a very neutral and free relationship with food and I am well equipped to handle any body image struggle. What I think made the difference for me is that Elisa taught me to eat without rules, without limits, without meal plans.Initially that meant eating a lot of food, which professionals would call bingeing, but it was precisely this type of eating that set me free and trained my brain to let go of restriction. I won’t lie: the beginning was extremely hard but it was also the worst part, as things got easier and easier afterwards. During the first few months I emailed Elisa multiple times a day, panicking about my food intake, my weight. Being able to reach out to her and receiving her calm answers helped me to ride out the storm and keep going. I trusted Elisa and kept reminding myself that what I was going through was temporary. Looking back, working with Elisa was a game-changer because: 1) I received individual and constant support throughout the whole process, which made it more difficult to talk myself out of recovery. 2) I learned to eat without any rules or restrictions and I stopped seeing bingeing or overeating as shameful because my own experience showed me that it’s a normal ( and dare I say essential ) part of recovery. 3) I learned how to support myself through bad body image moments (which are more and more rare). Thank you, Elisa, for doing the work you’re doing. Without your approach to recovery I don’t think I would have ever recovered. You gave me back my life. - Romina, US

First, I tried to recover by my own, but I failed. I felt that I need someone to guide, listen & be with me, so I decided to worked with Elisa for three months & it was the most precious months in my life. We set weekly goals & worked in the physical, mental & self-love aspects. At the beginning, recovery was something scary & painful, but I trusted Elisa & she followed & supported me each day & taught me so many things. In these three months, my life changed a lot. I feel now that I’m free & not controlled, love & trust my body & eat whatever I want without regret & obsession & happier I also got my period again & three times in a row which made me feel that my body starts working again. Elisa showed me that recovery really worth. Fixing my relationship with food & my body fixed my life. It’s just the beginning, & I’m sure with continuing recovery I will experience many positive things. Life is much valuable & working with Elisa made me realize that taking one step into recovery really will restore the missing life again, which now I don’t even think or have the interest for spending one more day living on ED. - Fatima, Qatar

Before I started with Elisa, I had been in 'recovery' on my own for about a year and a half and I was constantly relapsing and getting nowhere despite my countless efforts to stop. But since we've started, I have done more progress in one month than I have in a year. She has taught me what completely letting go of all restrictions  truly means. Elisa has opened my eyes to so many mind-blowing facts about recovery and even the food/dieting industry, I'm definitely a different person in my outlook  after what I've learnt. She has been wonderful in being a constant voice reminding me that I can do this and I will be okay. My biggest fear was trigger foods, but now I openly look for them and eat them with almost no guilt or worry. She's also helped me accept the changes that have come to my body and got me through some really scary stages. I still have a while to complete recovery but I am already much more free and happier than I was before. - Meera, UK

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A few months ago, I didn’t think I would get here. I’ve spent over 20 years on diets. It was literally a way of life for me and I was not able to step outside of it and see the insanity of living like this. I also didn’t know that the bingeing was so closely linked to the restriction. I had very black and white thinking, a terrible fear of foods and gaining weight and severe control issues around food and eating. I could not imagine a different way of living, and yet I was aware of the extraordinary amount of energy that went into these activities and how destructive they were. Over the last few months, I learned that only through saying ‘yes’ and truly committing to full recovery, fully letting go and trusting your body is the best and most effective way toward recovery. Daily homework and activities ensured I was learning about myself, what worked well, what didn’t and allowed me to change course where that was necessary. Writing in my gratitude journal daily, being clear on my goals and what I wanted, as well as questioning and working with my beliefs were all key. All of these and so much more I learned from Elisa and I am so very grateful for having her as my coach and mentor. I hope anyone desperately wanting to stop the insanity should give themselves the gift of recovery and learning to eat intuitively and therefore spending more effort and time living their life than planning it and controlling it. Recovery is the best thing I’ve embarked on. - Lenka, Australia

After 35 years of dieting, bingeing and bulimia I had finally had enough. With help from an ED clinic and the knowledge I gained from Elisa's thought-provoking book and inspiring videos, I finally understood how having a diet mentality had damaged my relationship with food, myself and those I love. 16 months later I'd cracked the food issues related to my ED but I still wasn't happy.  I hated my body, I hated my weight and I hated myself. I felt totally stuck and knew I wouldn't be able to work out how to move forward by myself. I contacted Elisa and she agreed to work, one-to-one, with me for as long as I needed. 5 weeks later and I'm a totally different woman! She taught me how to recognize my destructive, negative thoughts and how to turn them into positive affirmations, that I now truly believe. Our sessions were occasionally tough and often joyful but Elisa's patience and perseverance and my determination and hard work eventually paid off. I can't believe how happy and contented I feel to be me now; to finally find the real me and leave my ED behind forever. Elisa is absolutely brilliant; she's caring, compassionate, motivated and honest plus she totally gets how you feel because she's been there. I would recommend Elisa to anyone struggling with a diet-induced ED, her method is professional, balanced, informed and successful. I will always, always be grateful for the help and support she gave me to "follow my intuition" and live the life I was always meant to have. - Suzanne, UK

I have been coaching with Elisa since the beginning of my recovery from bulimia for about 6 months. Being initially introduced to Elisa through her youtube channel “Follow the Intuition,” I became aware of a whole new way to look at eating disorders and recovery. I can’t tell you how huge this is. I had struggled with bulimia and orthorexia for 12 years and nothing has been able to help me progress and maintain this level of recovery…ever. This perspective that Elisa has is invaluable and is the message we all need to spread to women around the world. Elisa is professional yet relatable and so amazing at what she does. I have felt so supported, seen and heard throughout some really hard times. Elisa has shown me exceptional guidance through these initial phases of my recovery and I would recommend her coaching to anyone struggling. - Kylie, Canada

Coaching with Elisa is one of the best decisions, which I made during 10 years searching for help to recover from bulimia and eating disorder. I tried near all programs and therapies but nobody and nothing could help me as much as she did. She followed with me every day, every hour during recovery way and I felt never being alone with illness and motivated me not to give up the fighting. I failed a lot of times during therapies from eating disorder and she showed “the right way out” or “recovery way” and it worked and is working now...It is wonder!! - Irina, Germany

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When I started working with Elisa my period had been absent for 6 years. I had been to multiple docs, been on multiple supplements, and multiple protocols. After just “one month” of coaching with her... guess what??!! A full blown period after 6 years of nothing!!!!! Elisa is probably the most caring individual I’ve had the privilege to work with. Grateful for all her encouragement and guidance. THANKS ELISA!! 😀 - Carolyn, US

Elisa’s coaching has truly transformed my life! Elisa is terrific. She knows her stuff, she is supportive, and she has the perfect coaching to “push you” the appropriate amount each week.  I started coaching to get my period back, which had been absent for 4+ years due to anorexia and not reaching full-recovery after in-patient and out-patient treatments.  That was my goal all throughout coaching: just get the period back! And behold, the very last week of our 12-week coaching sessions, my period came back! It was a miracle, but that was not the only benefit of coaching. Throughout our sessions, I realized that not only was my physical body not fully recovered, but mentally, my thought-life also had a lot of room to grow. Elisa works with clients on recognizing and replacing negative thoughts with helpful, supportive thoughts, and this has made all the difference. I use what we learned in coaching all the time: in making healthy choices, in my relationships, and especially in my new job. The coaching you do in Follow the Intuition WILL get you to full recovery if you have had an eating disorder, but the benefits will not stop there. You will be able to apply what you cover in coaching to many different dimensions of your life to enjoy life more, find more freedom, and support yourself. I truly recommend this coaching to everyone. Go into it with an open mind, put in the weekly work, and you will reach full recovery and have a happier, more peace-filled life. You can do it! - Megan, US

For anybody that is looking for a kind, caring and professional support to go through their recovery then i would recommend Elisa 100%! She is amazing and her coaching has definitely made a huge impact on my recovery. Body image and acceptance was the area that i needed the most help with so that was what we focused on together the most. Within the 3 months that we worked together my confidence has improved so much...and now she has given me the tools and techniques to keep improving throughout my journey. Thank you so much Elisa for everything...you are amazing at what you do. - Diane, Ireland

It's been about 4 months since we skyped and I wanted to give you an update on how things are going on my recovery.  First of all, I want to say THANK YOU! I  would not be where I am today if it were not for your book, blog, videos and the Skype calls.  You are so talented and I hope you are able to reach many people and help them as you helped me. It's been 8 months since I bought your book and stopped dieting.  Your book and videos gave me so much hope that I could be free of my eating disorder. Everything you said would happen is exactly how it happened for me - it is just crazy!  I stopped dieting>  stopped binging immediately > overeating/extreme hunger > gained some weight> got scared >struggled to not go back to old habits> issues with body image> kept going (skype calls really helped!) > felt less bloated > stopped overeating > started eating intuitively > no bloating> weight normalized > FEEL GREAT...really really normal!  I just never thought it was possible for me and I am so thankful that you take the time to share what you know. – Nadine, US

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Elisa is an all encompassing recovery coach! She has the perfect touch of compassion, empathy, encouragement and focus. She gives you specific things to work on and customizes your recovery to best suit you so you can have success and reach full freedom from your eating disorder. She keeps you accountable in a non-threatening way and instills confidence in you that is often lacking when in recovery. I can’t praise her enough. I know she is passionate about what she does and she is sincerely invested in your best interest. I can without a doubt say that I would not be where I am today without Elisa’a coaching. I struggled with anorexia and a strong exercise compulsion for over 18 years. Now I feel like a completely different person after working with her, I feel more like my real self, prior to my eating disorder. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seriously committed to recovering looking for more direction and support. - Becky, US

I have been watching Elisa’s videos on YT for some time to try to self recover. All her videos, her attitude and her energy resonated with me so well and also her background. She comes from Bulimia, which I have suffered for over 17 years. That is why it was quite “easy” to make the decision to work with her. I was so sick of being sick, sick of dieting, being scared of weight gain and everything that comes with it. I just wanted to be free! And it was a life changing decision. With her help, her support and constant reassurance, I was finally able to “unbrainwash” myself! Elisa is so caring and understanding, but still gives you a new perspective on things to broaden your horizon. Every session we had gave me strength and power to go on. Her empathy towards your individual situation and the positivity she radiates kept me motivating to work on myself and to grow as a person. As a person, she has this great depth and empathy for you, as a coach she has so much wisdom to offer and as a fellow woman and recoveree, she truly understands your struggles and emotions. I feel so blessed to have found her and I am so grateful that in our times, online personal coaching is available and although we were sitting on different ends of the world, we were still able to communicate and through that, I can proudly say, I am recovered and living my life diet-free and guilt-free to the fullest. Thank you Elisa, you have changed my life. - Paji, Thailand

Before even seeing Elisa’s videos, I have been trying to recover in many ways. Everything until knowing about her work did not help, even the eating disorders hospital. With the first video Elisa got my trust and as a person with anorexia I had trust issues with everyone. After a while, I desperately wanted to recover for good and I have started working one on one with Elisa...A day before our first week, I couldn’t even imagine myself constantly eating healthy (not big) amounts of food. With the first call I started to “just eat”. Day by day I got used to eating, day by day I got used to Myself, because those three months gave Me back to myself. Those three months have gained me my thoughts back, my emotions, people, moments. Until work with Elisa, I did not have my period for three years and now I have it already for three times in a row, so I start to feel myself as a alive Human, I cherish my body functions now so strong as never before...Working with Elisa did not only save my life as staying alive, but it reminded and thought me how to Live and accept a chance of being alive. Thank You, Elisa, for showing me what I can and what I have. - Migle, Lithuania

I struggled with an eating disorder and overexercising for many years. One day I decided I finally had enough and I must get better! I had heard about intuitive eating and decided to start coaching with Elisa. She helped me in one of the hardest periods of my life. Weekly Skype calls were very motivating and made me believe in myself. Every time when I struggled throughout the week talking to Elisa instantly gave me a new perspective and I understood things on a whole different level. I know now that I have the power to be fully healthy, and have a normal relationship with food and exercise. Elisa helped me to get there. She is incredible, she has a big heart, always kind and ready to help. She really is with you the whole journey, supports you and gives you great advice. Big thank you, you are wonderful! - Kai, Estonia

Elisa is an AMAZING coach. She is sweet and compassionate but also tells the truth which I needed to hear! I have been dieting since I was 14 with different stages of more anorexic, bulimia, and binge-eating episodes. I started recovery because I could not go on with the fight. It took over my life! The talks with Elisa helped me with healing from the inside... my thoughts and beliefs. I would have never thought to heal this deep already!! She took me to another level, a loving healthy level. Also, her book is a MUST READ. It is for me the best book written about the topic. Elisa is good at reading emotions but she is also smart and rational. A great combination for a coach. After 6 months I am not hungry anymore, binge free, not capable of emotional eating because I am not hungry. I can deal better with my emotions. More weight and more self-worth!! Better in feeling and communicating my boundaries. Better in taking rest! I can eat together with my children and we soooo much enjoy this time together! This is the best!! And... I just feel that I have found my soul back. I am a painter and I can feel the creative life-force again. All the energy I put in dieting and sports I am now putting in my business and art and it is flourishing! I can totally recommend Elisa. The results I have now are DEFINITELY because of her guidance. Thank you, Elisa! - Iris, Netherlands

Elisa’s coaching was a blessing for my recovery journey. I found her through videos on Youtube. (Of which I find incredibly helpful for all aspects of recovery, the mental, physical, emotional…) Her method of individual coaching for recovery is so refreshing. I have been through formal recovery centers with my recovery left unfinished, on paper “recovered” but still dealing with things in the background. With Elisa’s guidance and help, she empowered me to face the most challenging parts of my recovery in a way I felt safe, supported, and loved. Elisa’s disposition as a recovery coach is perfect, she is understanding, empathetic but knows when to challenge you. I love the way she integrates many fields of study into recovery. Because recovery affects so many parts of our lives and ourselves in so many ways. It is helpful to have many tools from different disciplines. Most importantly, she uses her experience to relate to her clients. I think this is so valuable especially considering how difficult recovery is. It's comforting and inspiring to know that we will be fully recovered 🙂 I'm so blessed to have Elisa as a guide on my recovery journey. - Natalie, US

Working with Elisa literally gave me back my life and I will forever be grateful!! I was one of those people where no one would have suspected that I had an eating disorder. I was never underweight and always managed to make my eating look quite „normal“. But I was terrified of every bite I took and constantly thinking about food and my body. I had tried everything to recover on my own and with the help of all kinds of therapies - without success, until I met Elisa. The first thing I learned, which was absolute key, and sets Elisa's approach apart from all other therapy I did, is that I learned to give myself unconditional permission to eat. That meant not only giving up physical restriction but also a mental restriction, which I totally underestimated. It was hard in the beginning but Elisa's constant support via emails was amazing and is only one of the things that made working with her very special. Letting go of all restrictions and working on the mental part completely changed my relationship with food! After a period of extreme hunger my body finally calmed down and I can finally say that I AM FREE! I never ever thought that that was possible for me. Thanks to Elisa, I now have all the mental space that was occupied by thinking about food and how I look, freed up to think about my life and the things that really matter. I changed my profession, I moved and I am positive that more good things are coming out of recovery. I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Elisa!! Her approach is bulletproof, she really knows what she’s doing and her warm and calm support is life-saving! - Therese, Germany

After more than 10 years of secretly and lonely battling and struggling with bulimia I was lucky enough to come across Elisa’s videos on YouTube, after reading her book I knew she was the person I needed to work with and we started working together. This changed my life! For more than 10 years I thought I’d never get myself back but incredibly enough I started to feel my own power and self worth again. Elisa is professional and understanding, gentle and friendly while setting clear boundaries making sure I carried the responsibility myself. Super empowering! I wish I had come across Elisa years before and hope that everyone who needs clear and loving guidance finds her! - Lauren, The Netherlands
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