Super Lazy Saturday Vlog // Life After Bulimia // Eating Intuitively

Follow me around having a super lazy Saturday! Reading, strolling around, watching a TV show, playing with my cat, eating yummy food 🙂 Life after bulimia and orthorexia recovery is just…a normal life! Also, I show you some bits of what I eat now but keep in mind this is only one day and every day is different – I just follow my body and eat whatever I feel like.

2 thoughts on “Super Lazy Saturday Vlog // Life After Bulimia // Eating Intuitively”

  1. Really nice video, love videos like these. Everyone needs days like these. Video editing was well done as well. Hope you do more of these types of videos and that store is very nice; monkey ear as a handle 🙂

    Thank You and Be Well.

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