Stress. Acne. Sleep // Eating Disorder Recovery

If you know my story then you probably have heard me saying that my eating disorder started because of acne I was experiencing after a stressful time in my life. Acne was one of the major reason I started to cut out different foods from my diet, tried to eat super “clean” and got more and more rigid with rules…until I developed bulimia and orthorexia.

And I know many people who start recovery can also experience acne, maybe even when before their skin was clear. This signals panic to most people and they start eliminating foods from their diet but that in return does not help the recovery process and can actually make it worse.

Acne can be one of the common and normal recovery symptoms, just like bloating or digestive issues. And it will pass! Your body goes through a lot of changes in recovery, also hormonal changes which can result in acne. So if you are aware of that then you will not start cutting out foods from your diet but simply focus on recovery, rest, de-stress and let it PASS. Because it will 🙂

And in today’s video, I want to give you a little example of mine that I experienced just a few months ago…

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