How To Speed Up Eating Disorder Recovery

It’s not working!! When will it stop!!? Nothing is progressing and is only going worse! How can I speed up my recovery??

Many have screamed these thoughts in their head. You feel it has already been such a long time and you do not see any positive changes. You still feel stuck in your eating disorder. You feel you have to do something to make your recovery pass. You cannot stand it anymore!

How to make this process pass as quickly s possible? How to speed things up?

Here would be a point where I give you my 7 Best Tips To Speed Up Recovery…but I am not going to do it. Simply because there is no other way to speed up recovery than to go THROUGH it!

There is no other way to speed up recovery than to go THROUGH it!

The fastest way to full recovery is to keep on eating enough, skip all compensation, eat regularly, work on your mind, rest and give it time! To get to full recovery you have to go through all the steps in recovery road!

This is THE FASTEST way to full recovery. As long as you try to cheat or make it go faster artificially, you only DELAY your recovery and it will slow down unnecessarily.

Your body actually WANTS to recover as “fast” as it can, but to be able to do so it needs the right conditions – and that is what the recovery steps are for.

If you want to learn more about how recovery actually works and how it is done, you can check out my book: BrainwashED: Diet-Induced Eating Disorders. How You Got Sucked In and How To Recover.

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