Self Care Sunday + What I Eat VLOG

Today’s post is all about my self-care Sunday routine – what I do when I want to relax and take care of myself? Follow along with me on a Sunday, I will show you my self-care habits and also what I ate that day. 

Some of the things included in my self-care routine:

✔️  Having a good sleep routine

✔️  Reading something inspirational

✔️  Spending time with loved ones

✔️  Going to the movies (we watched the House of Gucci – it was great! 👍 )

✔️  Taking a bath + skincare

✔️  Cuddling with Mona (my cat 😽 )

That day was also me and my husband’s anniversary – we met 12 years ago on December 19th. So we went out to an Asian restaurant and movies to celebrate!

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