SELF-ACCEPTANCE & Self-Empowerment // Eating Disorder Recovery

One thing I hear all the time is people talking about how “I wish they would just accept me as I am” or “I wish they would stop judging me and my recovery, my weight gain, I feel everybody is just focused on my biggest insecurities. If people would accept me as I am and encourage me it would be so much easier to recover!”

But the truth really is that…we can’t control other people, but we CAN control and change how WE think. Everything starts with you!

If you wait to recover until you feel everybody accepts you, you will forever be waiting…

But what you are not seeing is that YOU have to accept yourself, YOU have to stop judging yourself, YOU have to love yourself and accept yourself as you are.

Because if you truly love and accept yourself unconditionally then what happens is that everybody else’s judgments don’t even matter anymore because YOU know the truth, you love yourself. Then you stop needing the validation of others when you start to give the validation to yourself!

One thing I have learned, one key element of having a strong mindset and mental health, is self-empowerment.

Also taking full responsibility for my thoughts and actions, and not wanting anybody else to change besides MYSELF. Because this is the only real thing I CAN change and control. When I realized that it’s all up to ME, not anybody else it gave me so much power!

But if you wait for other people to change and accept you before you do it then you literally give your power way. You literally give THEM the key to your happiness or unhappiness. Then other people can decide any day and any minute how you feel – either good or bad based on THEIR opinions. This way you can never be healthy or happy. This way you will forever suffer.

So the key is to look into yourself, to heal yourself, your own mind. Start to love and accept yourself. To stop judging and shaming yourself. To accept yourself as you are. Nobody else can do it but YOU. This is where the true solution and empowerment lies. Not with others but YOU!

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