Recovery In Quarantine Q&A – Fear Of Weight Gain & No Exercise

Right now the current situation while we stay in quarantine, being pushed out of our normal routine and comfort zone, brings up so many fears and anxieties we have whether about fear of weight gain or not being able to exercise.

So in this video, I am answering some of your questions and concerns regards to being in quarantine while recovering from an eating disorder.


All the questions answered in this video:

  • Staying at home with a lot of food in the house and feeling guilty about eating.
  • Feeling lazy, having no energy or motivation.
  • Not being able to eat what you want and having to plan much more in advance.
  • Fear of gaining weight because of less activity.
  • Having much more free time when before it was used for exercise.
  • Feeling you can eat pizza or cheesecake because you don’t exercise to compensate.

Also, check out all the videos that I suggested you watch:

I hope you found this video helpful and supportive! Stay strong and stay safe! ❤️

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