Recovered From Food Obsession, Diet Mindset And Orthorexia // Recovery Success Story

Meet one of my best friends, Mariin ?In today’s video interview she talks about her journey how she gained 16 kg (35 pounds) and got acne after stopping birth control pills. Then started to eat lots of raw foods, eating “clean” to lose the weight… but it came with a price – being obsessed with “healthy eating” and battling with constant cravings, fear, guilt and worry that comes from restriction. She is fully recovered now and can tell you HOW much her eating has changed since she stopped worshipping purity and accepted her body and intuition. How she got back to normal eating and what lessons she learned through her own recovery? Find out in the video!

4 thoughts on “Recovered From Food Obsession, Diet Mindset And Orthorexia // Recovery Success Story”

    1. Monika, it seems to me that you know very clearly what you need to do in order to recover: follow your intuition and eat meat. Whats getting in the way though is your mind. Following your intuition means following what your body craves, not your mind. And youve said it very clearly that it is very clear what your body craves. I understand your worry about animals. There are better options than other as well, but if you are starting recovery, ieprobably first 2 years, then, you dont let your mind think for your body. Once you are recovered, your mind will be able to see clearly. Wishing you the best,

  1. Yes, I’m thinking about it too.. and I think it would be great option. Thanks you a lot! I love your videos!

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