Recovered After 20 Years Of Eating Disorders – Interview With Jerika Ejercito

Today I have something inspiring to share with you! 🙂 I interviewed one of my former clients, Jerika Ejercito, about her journey to recovery after 20 years of eating disorders.

In this interview, we talk about Jerika’s story – her background, her recovery journey, and the progress she has made so far.

Jerika goes into more detail about:

  • How was it like to grow up in a high profile family (family of movie actors and politicians)
  • How did her eating disorder start and what was it like
  • Why she was stuck for so many years not even knowing she had a problem
  • Her struggles with self-worth, body image, and her mindset, and some key practices that helped her to get better
  • The progress she has made so far – how has her eating, her life, and her relationship to food changed?

I hope you have found this interview inspiring and it gives you hope and motivation to keep going on your recovery as well! 🙂

Connect with Jerika Ejercito:

Her website:

Her Instagram:

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