How to Recover From Bulimia and Orthorexia [Interview by RawRitta]

A few weeks ago I was contacted by RawRitta for an interview. She is a Holistic Health Coach and has also recovered from disordered eating and exercise addiction and is now helping people to get better by sharing her experience.

She was so kind to let me share this video on my website as well to reach more people and hopefully help you in your recovery journey! This video interview is 37 min long so you will get A TON of information and interesting content 🙂

Some of the things discussed in the interview:

  • My story of having bulimia and orthorexia and how I started my recovery
  • Physical and mental recovery
  • Why we need to let go of restriction to recover
  • The important mindset shifts in recovery
  • and a lot more!

You can read more about the interview here!

Or go to RawRitta Youtube channel here!


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