Positive Things I Learned From My Eating Disorder

Eating disorder and recovery is a negative experience enough by itself, but how to keep a positive mindset regardless so it can support the recovery process rather than pull you even deeper into misery. Keeping a positive mindset even in the worst days possible helped me to keep on going no matter what. The key here is to see that every negative experience can have something you can learn from it so it can help you grow into a better, stronger person in the future.


2 thoughts on “Positive Things I Learned From My Eating Disorder”

  1. thank you so much for your words. they really inspire and motivate me more than you could imagine. i had a really rough time during my past couple months of recovery, and my mind was persuading me to go back to bulimia, because at least then i won’t have so much water retention and feel (and look) so horrible. i was not happy. but your videos encouraged me to push through. and i now finally don’t obsess about food and my body image anymore. i don’t have the urge to cut myself anymore. i’m so thankful for you. your positivity, your beauty, your understanding. all the best with your move back to estonia. lots of love. xo

    1. Hi! i am so happy reading this! i know how terrible the recovery can feel, at times it feels “wrong” and the ED thoughts keep coming back, but pushing through is the only way and there is actually a better future with feeling better in your body and mind. all the ED recovery symptoms will get better (water retention, bloating, extreme hunger etc) its honestly worth it at the end, im glad you did not give up! much love!

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