Plus-Size Eating Disorder Recovery // Interview With Leydi Morales

Today I have an exciting video to share with you! I interviewed a recovery warrior Leydi Morales. She is also a fellow Youtuber, an actress, and a powerful representation of a plus-size woman who has fully recovered from an eating disorder.

In this interview, we talk about her story and how she started dieting at a very young age by using diet pills. She shares what it was like to go through recovery and gain all the weight back. How she dealt with body image issues, fears and limiting beliefs. And how her full recovery started with a spiritual awakening and finally being able to accept her plus-size body and who she is.

Leydi has done a lot of work in her own mindset and understanding why the eating disorder really started and kept her stuck for so many years. She is a passionate advocate for the Law of Attraction but takes a bit different, non-traditional approach to it. She believes that focusing on our goal and staying in a positive mindset is great but actually, our negative side (trauma, resistance etc.) also has a purpose and we should pay attention to that as well. We should not ignore our feelings that are actually here for a purpose – to teach us something important if we only learn to listen!

Leydi says that we shouldn’t run away from our fears and just “think positive” all the time but actually to face our fears and walk towards resistance. This way we can find our true selves and let go of the old that don’t serve us.

The interview is an hour long but there is so much great content so I really hope you take the time to listen and hopefully gain some new insights and also inspiration from Leydi’s journey.

You can find out more about Leydi here:




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