“But what if I have a physically demanding job?” // Eating Disorder Recovery

Recently I have heard this question more and more:

“But what if I have a physically demanding job and cannot rest so much in recovery?”


“But I have kids to take care of so I cannot just lie in bed all day but need to be active because of those important commitments!”


“I am about to finish university and have soo many exams coming up that I have no time to relax and take time off!”

Yes, I totally get it. Even though I do recommend to take time to rest as much as possible in recovery, to sleep more, to relax more, I completely understand that many people do have commitments they need to engage in and cannot just quit, not because their ED wants them to stay active but for genuine real reasons.

So in today’s video, I will give you my answer that is quite general, but what I would advise in this situation.

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