Overshooting Set Point Weight And Why It’s Needed // Eating Disorder Recovery

This video is about overshooting your set point weight in eating disorder recovery, why it’s much needed and healthy for you the same way extreme hunger is normal and natural in recovery. Many people who recover from anorexia or bulimia may experience weight overshoot and as the weight gain fear in recovery is one of the top things that will make people relapse in recovery I want to remind you in this video why your body overshoots the weight in the first place, why its normal and needed and how it will come down in time as long as you stay in recovery and completely let go of all restrictions.

How To Know If You Are WEIGHT RESTORED? https://youtu.be/mpY1NmKsca8

Th Minnesota Starvation Experiment: https://followtheintuition.com/minnesota-starvation-experiment-eating-disorders/

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