Am I OVEREATING? // Eating Disorder Recovery Q&A

When I was recovering from my eating disorder, particularly bulimia and orthorexia, I was so worried if I was overeating or if my big hunger in recovery was normal. After coming from years of binging my worry was definitely valid but I didn’t know actually how recovery works.

And this is what I regularly see with so many people who write to me. They are always worried about eating too much, overeating, eating emotionally, or even having a binge eating disorder. So I want to always reassure you that you are not crazy and what you go through is normal, but you just need to keep recovering and give it time to balance.

So in today’s video, I answer a question from a viewer – Am I overeating? She is wondering if she is eating too much in recovery or not. She begins by explaining her background with dieting, losing her period, and is worrying about eating too much food and eating too much sugar. See the video to find out my advice to her…

How many CALORIES for eating disorder recovery?

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3 thoughts on “Am I OVEREATING? // Eating Disorder Recovery Q&A”

  1. Hello,
    I’m 18 years old and I’ve been struggling with disordered eating for 3 years. My weight have been fluctuating my whole life. I was never skinny, I always used to be little overweight. Naturally, i have wide hips and I store fat mostly in my tights and butt. At the age of 14, I quit my dance classes. After that, I started to gain weight even more. With my height of 168 cm I weighed about 63kgs. It was time i decided to lose some weight. I started with exercising, but i was still overeating. Few months passed and I slowly started with cutting my calories. I totally cut out carbohydrates. I was exercising at least 4 times a week one hour minimum. And therefore, i lost a lot of weight. In 6 months, I reached weight 54kgs, which was my lowest weight ever. But I lost my period and my hair was falling like crazy. It scared me a lot and i started to eat “normally” again. Actually, i was overeating a lot. In one and a half years i gained to almost 70kgs. Last february was quite hard for me and i developed some stomach problems. I was not able to eat so much, so i lost some weight again. That triggered restricting cycle again. I was counting calories and began to run everyday. In may, june and july i was eating less than 1000 cals a day. I weighed myself everyday. quickly lost weight and in september my weight was 47kgs. Of course, i lost my period again, i was permanently cold and my hair was falling down. My family began to worry a lot and last month, i finally decided to recover. Now i weigh 53kgs, but I’m afraid of stucking in overeating again. There are some days, when I eat until I’m in pain. I would like to maintain healthy weight, but it is so hard for me. I don’t know how to stop binging and don’t start restricting again.

    1. Hi! im sorry to hear you have to go through this but never restrict again because it will only make things worse and its a vicious cycle. your weight was never the problem, you had a healthy BMI even when you thought you were “overweight”, you had bmi of 22,3 so its not any way near “overweight”, also the bmi is not my point but i just want you to see that there was never a problem and only the restriciton was and is the problem, and also why you gained more weight, its the strvation response from the body. so you have to go through recovery and i recommend you to read my book to know how to recover. i wish you all best!

  2. Hi! I originally stumbled across you on YouTube and am very appreciative of you sharing information along with your experience. I’ve my fair share of research yet still have some struggles regarding this spectrum of discussion. One thing that I’ve experienced is eating my meals rapidly. ? I don’t feel as though I’ve overeaten. Nor do I eat to the point of illness. Is this something that you have experienced as well? Or know of any information regarding it? It happens if I’m sitting with others or around others or with a distraction. Yet, if I have no distractions and am not sitting with anyone, I notice that it takes me forever to eat and it makes me just want to eat faster to get it over and done with. Not because I’m not enjoying the meal, but because it just simply takes so long to chew the food. I I just like to chew my food thoroughly but obviously not to the point where it’s liquid in my mouth. I’m just very frustrated with this and have no idea who else to turn to that has any help to offer. I’ve inquired with my treatment team and the topic changes. Aye. ?

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