I Am Not Hungry! | Intuitive Eating

When you have been in recovery for quite some time, you are physically recovered and not restricting or compensating anymore. You also feel ready to start listening to your hunger cues and generally your hunger seems more in balance then the next step would be to start practicing intuitive eating. When you are hungry, eat, when you are not hungry then there is no need to force yourself. Trust that your body will give you signals when and how much to eat. It is not about eating in specific times or specific portion sizes or a specific number of calories, it is about listening to your body cues!

Of course, this video is quite general, in every individual case these things can vary. Some people do not even feel their hunger when they are coming straight from dieting or eating disorders. Or some people may need to eat more to increase the metabolism and fix any damage eating disorder has done to their body. But when you feel ready to start listening to your hunger cues and eat intuitively, then there is no need to force feed yourself.

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