[Audio] Can I Do Some Light Exercise In Eating Disorder Recovery?

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In this audio, I will talk about exercise in recovery. I answer a reader question: If someone has a very sedentary job and they want to do some light yoga, is it ok or does it interfere with recovery? Can you exercise in recovery? How to know if the exercise you are doing is good or bad for recovery? In this audio you will find out!

4 thoughts on “[Audio] Can I Do Some Light Exercise In Eating Disorder Recovery?”

  1. My question is to do with exercise, since working from home i feel obligated to go gym to workout or the least a walk in order to not feel like all i did was sit on the coach on my laptop, some days I do feel tired or on my period yet i still push myself.
    My eating has fixed i eat till satiety, period regulated, weight is great. but just exercise situation since working from home, and i dont know if it is ED thought or me wanting fresh air. please advise

    1. feeling obligated to go to the gym is definitely not the right mindset. it’s important to listen to your body, if you are tired or on your period do not push yourself, instead find ways to rest more. I also work from home and I go outside to walk for fresh air, to straighten my joints after a long day 🙂 I listen to a podcast or audiobook, it doesn’t feel like “exercise” and is definitely not an obligation, I can do it or not do it without guilt and only when I feel like it. I think it’s important to not see it so black and white, to listen to your body, and most importantly to work on the mindset.

  2. Thanks for the posts. They have really helped keep me on track in my recovery from orthorexia. My question is when is it ok to go back to exercise? I’m an active person but have cut out any strenuous exercise for my recovery. I am starting to get back hunger and fullness cues and am getting more comfortable with listening to my body – although I feel I’m still in a very bloated state. I have admittedly been an overexerciser, but I do enjoy being active. I’m itching to get back to running and weights, but don’t want to rush it. At what point in recovery would you recommend adding back in a healthy level of exercise if you enjoy it?

    1. this is really hard to say and it can be very individual. i guess here you have to listen to your body and be honest with yourself what are the motives behind it, if you feel tired and need rest, if you have made significant progress in recovery etc. some need a break of exercise for a month, some 3 or 6 months, some a year or more, it really depends. and even if you start don’t go from zero to a hundred, and keep listening to your body and see the signs if it’s too much, don’t push yourself, notice if any of the old symptoms and mindset come back again etc. if you are not sure then its better to wait and see what other enjoyable things you can do.

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