Invisible Eating Disorders / EDNOS, OSFED, Orthorexia, Overexercising, Extreme Dieting

Many people suffer from invisible eating disorders. Eating disorders affect people with different body shapes and sizes, all age groups, races, and genders. It’s very unfortunate that so many people feel they don’t deserve help because they are not “sick enough” and don’t fit under the typical eating disorder stereotype – the underweight teenage girl who doesn’t eat.

An eating disorder is not a “one size fits all” kind of destination where you must get in order to deserve help and feel like your issue is taken seriously. In eating disorders there is a lot of grey area where symptoms can vary from person to person.

You don’t need a medical diagnosis or a specific label in order to feel that your struggle is validated and real. It’s most important that you validate yourself and seek out help. To put it very simply – if you feel your eating is not normal and it causes you stress then you deserve and need to get help and support.

In today’s post, I talk more about the invisible eating disorders, what they are and how they may appear for different people.

Videos mentioned:

Why Diets Don’t Work. See HERE.

I’m Not Sick Enough To Recover. See HERE.

Also see the interview that I did with one of my former clients, Therese, where we talk more about the invisible eating disorders and she shares her journey to full recovery.

I hope you found these videos helpful! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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