Intermittent Fasting Started My Path To Eating Disorder

I keep on reading and hearing about intermittent fasting and it’s “health” benefits. Gazillion things it promises to cure and fix.

But I want to share my story and the dark side of intermittent fasting in order to open peoples eyes to the dangers of it.

No, it’s not so great as the media and countless gurus and blogs try to make it seem.

How about intermittent fasting being a stepping stone towards an eating disorder?

The truth is…intermittent fasting is just another fancy term for dieting. Just another new way to delay our hunger, to manipulate our body.

Thinking we are being “healthy” but actually becoming more and more distant from our body’s inner cues and wisdom because we listen to outside sources to how much and when we should eat.

In this video, I share with you my experience with intermittent fasting and how it started my path towards an eating disorder…

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