I’M PREGNANT! My 3 Year Fertility Journey, Unexplained Infertility, IVF & Natural Pregnancy

I’m pregnant! 🙂 In today’s video I will share more about my pregnancy, how it is going so far, and also the 3-year journey I have been on struggling with my fertility and how I was finally able to get pregnant naturally ♥



0:00 I’m Pregnant! How It’s going

4:10 My fertility story

4:40 Started trying to get pregnant

5:42 After 1 year of trying we started to get more tests done

7:50 It started to get very hard emotionally

10:17 Getting polyp removed

11:58 Starting IVF treatment

13:25 Discovering the blocked fallopian tube

14:43 Laparoscopy operation and PAP smear test

17:25 How I got pregnant naturally

21:49 What’s next?

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