Your Ideal Vision Of Full Recovery // Law of Attraction // Eating Disorder Recovery

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In this video, I want to teach you a way you can set your mindset to be aligned with full recovery. How you can bring recovery into your life using the law of attraction.

This is something I did even before I knew how to recover. One thing I love about the Law of Attraction is that you actually don’t have to know how exactly you will get what you want but if you just ask and align your vibration to what you want then the universe will find a way to lead you there.

I will give you some practical writing exercises you can do to write down what is your goal with full recovery. If you don’t know what is your goal you will just wander around aimlessly. So it’s very important to set your goal so you can make sure that what you are doing is aligned with your goal or if you have gone off course.

1. Write down your ideal version of full recovery. 

Write it in the PRESENT tense, as it would already be true. Write what you WANT, not what you don’t want. Write it in a way that makes you feel great and happy. Really get into the feeling of it because the most powerful way to attract something is to align the vibration to match what it is you want. Write as many details as you can.

Some questions to help:

  • How would your eating be like in full recovery?
  • What would you think about when you eat?
  • How is the relationship with food and your body?
  • What would a normal day look like for you in a full recovery?
  • What your days consists of? Where do you go and what do you do?
  • How do you feel being fully recovered?
  • Why is full recovery worth it now as you are recovered?

2. Write out who you want to be and what kind of relationship you want to have with yourself and your body. 

This is where you can design the beliefs and mindsets you want to have. Do not worry if you don’t have those things right now but write what you want and also in present tense, as if this is who you are already. For example “I love and accept myself just the way I am, I believe I’m worth happiness and good things in my life and I attract them every day”.

Some questions to help get the process started:

  • How do you feel about yourself? (your future self)
  • How do you speak to yourself?
  • What words best describe you?
  • How is your life different now?
  • What do you think when you get dressed?
  • What do you think about when you are around food?
  • What are you thinking when you see yourself in the mirror?
  • What do you make time for? 
  • How do you accept compliments?
  • How do you think and feel around other people?

Keep these things in mind…

If you did these writing exercises then great but there are a couple of more things I want to mention.

1) Align your vibration. You have to read what you wrote down each day. And do not just read it but put a feeling to it, feel the way you would feel as if this was already true. Asking what you want is not enough, you must create the same vibration in your body and mind as if it were already in your present.

2) Fully focus on it. You have to start living and breathing your goal and have a mindset of “I will do whatever it takes”. You must start to meditate on it, visualize it and talk about it constantly. In other words, you need to constantly focus on your Ideal Vision of Full Recovery. Because what you focus on daily is what you get. If your focus is on negativity and why you can’t recover then you simply won’t recover. What you focus on is what you are attracting.

3) Take action. You can’t just write down your goal and hope it all falls into your lap. No, you need to start taking constant action. Seek help for recovery, read and consistently follow the recovery road. The action you take on a daily basis is either getting you towards recovery or it’s getting you more towards another relapse. So you have to ask yourself “is what I am focusing and doing right now getting me closer to recovery or if it’s just leading me away from it?” And then follow the way that leads towards recovery. Any day you are following the eating disorder is just keeping you away from reaching your goal – the full recovery.

If you want to see more similar videos then I have done another video on my Youtube channel where I talk about how I used the Law of Attraction to get to full recovery. You can see the video here:

Hope this helps in your journey! Know that full recovery is possible and already waiting for you! All you need to do is aim for nothing less than full recovery, take consistent daily action, and keep going!

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