How To Stop Binge Purge Cycle // Bulimia Recovery

When you are struggling to overcome bulimia and the binge-purge cycle then this video is for you!

My journey to full recovery and overcoming the binge-purge cycle started when I finally stopped purging. I made a promise to myself to never ever purge again.

And this commitment to not purge happened because I became painfully aware of the fact how purging was one of the biggest reason I was bingeing in the first place. Any form of restriction, like purging and dieting, is one of the biggest culprit to bingeing.

Bingeing is a natural and biological response to food deprivation.

Once I realized this I understood that if I really want to achieve full recovery I MUST stop all purging, calorie compensation, and dieting. I would be crazy to hope to get rid of the bingeing while I still continue the purging. I realized it will not happen that way, ever.

And I’m telling you this so you also become aware of how the purging is sabotaging your recovery and keeping you stuck in the binge-purge cycle.

Because once you become AWARE of how a behavior is keeping you stuck then it’s not a habit anymore but it becomes a CHOICE. You have a choice to choose recovery or choose the eating disorder.

So if you want to recover as soon as possible, to not waste any more time or your life in an eating disorder or in quasi-recovery then stop purging and all restriction from day 1.

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