How To Stop Being A Victim And Be A Warrior Instead // Eating Disorder Recovery

In this video, I give you some of my thoughts on how to stop being a victim and be a warrior instead. Because very often people are stuck in recovery not because their body just won’t recover or some outside circumstances are holding them back but because their own mindset is sabotaging their recovery.

They often blame others or things out of their control why they are stuck and can’t move forward. They have a mindset of a victim. They feel helpless and powerless towards making the change happen. But this is far from the truth!

But when you finally identify this negative mindset then you can start changing it and take your power back.

A few key ways you can start doing it is by:

1. Take full responsibility over your recovery

Understand that nobody else is responsible for getting you to full recovery. Yes, people can help and support you, but, at the end of the day, you are the only one that can actually do it. Taking full responsibility means you start to focus on your action, your thoughts, things that ARE in your power to change. And this is where all the possibilities begin!

2. Develop a warrior mindset

A warrior is someone who takes responsibility over recovery and instead of blaming themselves or others or focusing all that is wrong in the situation they find a way for this experience to make them stronger. They use the situation for their benefit – to either become stronger from this, to learn something and grow as a person. They don’t dwell in the past but look hopefully into the future. And take massive action towards their goal!

Remember, the situation can be exactly the same but HOW you react and act to it, what kind of meaning and belief you attach to it makes all the difference!

But the good news is you CAN absolutely change your mindset and the way you act. You are not powerless but actually very powerful when it comes to reaching to full recovery!


2 thoughts on “How To Stop Being A Victim And Be A Warrior Instead // Eating Disorder Recovery”

  1. Hi I have fully committed to recovery and I’m at a healthy weight but not sure if it anywhere near my set point weight. I’ve been following MinnieMaud so eating 3000-3500 (approximately) daily but I no longer get mental hunger or extreme hunger. I’m finding I’m forcing the extra ice cream etc to ensure I reach calorie goal. I do feel I can eat to my hunger and satisfaction but as I’m gaining on these calories so I know my metabolism is not fully healed. I’m really confused because I don’t get extreme hunger etc so does this mean my body is actually healed? (So the extra ‘forced’ calories are unnecessary?) I feel I should continue to eat the minimum calories but I would appreciate your opinion. I know I will gain more weight but I want my body to be fully healed so I don’t want to stop early.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jen! the minimums are 2500-3500, if you feel like you are really forcing and no longer have extreme hunger or mental hunger then maybe try to eat close to 2500-3000 instead of 3000-3500? and see how you feel. I think there is no one particular answer and you have to see what works for you, I don’t know your body or your situation exactly. so you have to go through some trial and error process and see what works and makes you feel the best. I used both, MinnieMaud and intuitive eating based on how I felt. this is how i did it and what worked for me.

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