How To START Your Recovery This Year 2019

“New year, new me!” Right??

I’m not a big fan of new year resolutions but I do believe in setting clear goals. And if you choose ONE goal this year let it be to focus on getting to full recovery from your eating disorder.

For me, it took a lot of time and a trial and error process to figure out my path to full recovery. But once I got there I was able to look back and saw some specific things I did that helped me to get started and kept on going.

And now working with clients there are a few steps that are important to take to successfully start your recovery and in this video, I will share them with you!

For example, the first thing is to get very clear on your goal. I’m a big believer in “what you focus on is what you attract” and for this reason setting your focus (goal) right at the beginning of recovery is so important. If you don’t set your goal then how do you know where you are going? Or when things get hard in recovery you are much more likely to lose motivation because you don’t even have a clear vision of why you are choosing to follow the recovery path!

So if you want to start your recovery and want to know the first steps then see my today’s video and put it into practice since only by taking action you will see results!

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