How To Restore Your Period? // Interview With Raw Ritta

This week I bring to you another inspiring and helpful interview! Today my guest is Ritta from She is a holistic health coach who helps women recover from disordered eating, stop exercise addiction and get their healthy period back!

We talk about:

  • Ritta’s story of how she lost her period and how she got it back
  • What are the “Primary Foods” and why they are important in restoring your hormonal health
  • Why just “eating healthy” is actually not enough to be healthy
  • Why hating the fact that you don’t have a period is actually unhelpful
  • How to restore a healthy relationship with yourself

Connect with Ritta:

How To Get Your Period Back After Eating Disorder

Free Mini Video Series To Get Back Your Period!

"5 KEY Reasons Why Your PERIOD Still Hasn’t Come Back After An Eating Disorder"

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