How To RECOVER ON YOUR OWN ♥ 5 Tips! // Eating Disorder Recovery

I recovered from my bulimia and orthorexia on my own. I mostly used the support and knowledge for my recovery I found online. I went through it by myself, being there for myself and pushing myself through even the hardest days possible.

Many people wonder how can they recover on their own? Is recovering on your own even possible? If so, then how to do it, what helps and what doesn’t? What helped me to go through recovery on my own? Find out in this video!

1. Supportive mindset. You need to change your mindset and become your own coach, cheerleader, best friend and support system. Learn from every experience, turn negative thoughts into positive and always look for solutions in things rather than focus on negativity.

2. Develop this skill…You have to develop a skill of going through fear and keep on going. Recovery will bring up a lot of irrational fears, doubts, and anxiety. But you need to go through it in order to recover.

3. Recovery must be your #1 priority. You can’t recover only when you feel motivated or when you have a good day. You have to recover even on the hardest days possible. No matter your work commitments, your school or stuff that also require your attention you must commit and find time to focus on recovery. You will not get 100% results if you only give 50% effort.

4. Soak yourself in the recovery information. You have to literally soak yourself in recovery information daily. You have to read, research, and seek the information that will encourage you to keep on recovering. Recovery is scary and hard but having the knowledge about how recovery works can make it a lot easier to always keep going and not stopping until you are fully there!

5. Build a support system. Build a support system around you that will keep you accountable and on track. Whether it’s your family, friends, your partner, or even an online community – it can all help. Do not underestimate the value of a strong support system. Eating disorder thrives in secrecy and keeping it all to yourself, therefore it can be crucial to open up about your recovery, seek for support and accountability.

Hope you found this video and information helpful!

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