5 Tips How To Deal With SOCIAL SITUATIONS in Eating Disorder Recovery

This is the time of the year where we face many social situations – Christmas dinner with our family, a holiday party with our coworkers, New Years Eve celebrations…

And when you are in recovery from an eating disorder all of this can provoke a lot of anxiety and be quite draining mentally and physically.

It seems easier to simply skip the events and not go. To find some excuse and hide away. But very often this is also not a great solution because you can feel even more trapped by your fears and it can stop you from fully recovering and living your life!

So in today’s video, I want to give you a few of my best tips when you face social situations in eating disorder recovery so you can feel encouraged and confident that you can actually do it!

Because the recovery path is through your fears and you have to face those uncomfortable and scary social situations in order to overcome them and grow stronger in your recovery.

But the good thing is that the more you challenge yourself and practice doing those scary things the easier it gets! So take it as a recovery assignment to face a social situation this holiday season in order to grow stronger in your recovery!

It will be worth it! ??

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