How To Deal With “Feeling Fat”? // Body Image Q&A

In today’s video, I answer a question of “How to deal with “feeling fat” but wanting to eat at the same time?”

A few weeks ago I asked you to ask me questions on Instagram about body image. And I got so many good questions and have to say felt a bit overwhelmed to answer them all. As I want to give my best with answers and these are pretty loaded topics so I don’t just want to brush through them briefly.

In this video, I try my best to answer this one question because I really think it can answer many others as well. Because when it comes to “feeling fat” it’s never just the “body’s fault” but goes much deeper than that. It actually has a lot to do with your own thoughts and your belief system. The society’s “ideal body” brainwash, our own fatphobia, body objectification and so many other problems that are actually the root of the “feeling fat” issue.

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