How I Calmed Down My Eating Disorder Fears

In this video, I give you another tip how to keep on track with your recovery. Whenever you have fears, doubts, worries, you can use the tip I gave in this video to calm down the anxieties and worries.

2 thoughts on “How I Calmed Down My Eating Disorder Fears”

  1. hi Elisa, thanks for your blogs. i’m in my third month of recovery, and have been 37 days purge-free. my recently experienced extreme hunger for a couple days just before i got my period, which have now subsided. i am the heaviest i have been in my life, and i really need to know that my weight will fall off eventually. i don’t want to go back to the skinniest i had been. i just want to feel like myself again. i really appreciate all your videos and comments. thank you. xo

    1. Hi! the weight in recovery can increase, yes, especially the bloating and water retention, also more food in our system, and when you have been purging in your ED your stomach and digestions need to heal too. its not about the “weight”, but balancing and healing your body from the past ED experience. recovery is not a quick fix, but it is THE best thing you can do for your health and your body in a long run. do not set yourself any timeframes but just continue recovery and focus on getting your health and life back and then the weight will find its best place for you naturally.

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