Guided Meditation For Anxiety & Overthinking // Eating Disorder Recovery

This weeks post is something new, something different, but hopefully very helpful to many of you who deal with anxiety, stress, and overthinking in your recovery.

Instead of just talking about it I thought why not actually make something practical that can start to help decrease your anxiety and overthinking if you put it into practice.

So I recorded a simple guided meditation, a very similar one that I used in my own recovery when I struggled with endless worry, anxiety and overthinking. It helped me relax and feel asleep when I just couldn’t stop the intrusive thoughts keeping me up all night.

This specific exercise that I walk you through in the meditation is something actually my mom taught me a while back to help me sleep when I was much younger. And even to this day I use it to relax, sleep better and just de-stress. And it works like magic!

By the way, this is my first time recording a meditation and putting it up publically and I did it without a script. So excuse me if its a bit floppy…but actually I think it came out pretty good! 🙂

How to use it:

If you struggle a lot with anxiety and overthinking I recommend listening to it every day 3x times per day – in the morning right after you wake up (to set a good mindset for the day), once during the day, and then also before going to bed (to promote good night sleep).

Recovery is SO much more than just food! Another big and important aspect of it is REST and DE-STRESSING, so this meditation is designed to help with that!

I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful!

Download free meditation mp3 version here:

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