How She Got Her Period Back After 6 Years Amenorrhea

In this video I share one womans story of how she stopped having menstruation and how she got it back after 6 years of amenorrhea. When she first figured out she was infertile she wanted to cure it naturally, started to listen different health and diet gurus, made numerous changes in her eating habits all in the hopes of curing her health condition. But nothing worked and her physical and mental health suffered even more, she was stuck in following rules and restrictions and did not know how to listen to her body anymore. But after a month of coaching with me, becoming more in tuned with her body and eating intuitively she finally got her period back! 🙂 Find out more in the video!

How To Get Your Period Back After Eating Disorder

Free Mini Video Series To Get Back Your Period!

"5 KEY Reasons Why Your PERIOD Still Hasn’t Come Back After An Eating Disorder"

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