Why Do I Gain Weight If I’m Normal Weight? Gaining on 2000 calories.

So this is something I hear all the time:

“I gained all my weight back with still restricting, eating 2000 calories or less. But now as I am at my healthy weight, I do not need to gain more, WHY do I STILL keep on gaining? I thought the weight gain will stop when I am at my healthy weight? So now I feel it’s too late for me to eat more, the 2500-3000+ calories, because I do not need gain. I am afraid If I eat those minimums I will gain unnecessary weight. What can I do?”

See the answer to this question is today’s video!

1 thought on “Why Do I Gain Weight If I’m Normal Weight? Gaining on 2000 calories.”

  1. Hi Elisa!
    I am 24 (turn 25 this year) and I have been weight restored (+2kg from pre-restriction) after 7 months of restricting to anywhere between 1300-1900 calories.
    It has been 2,5 years since I stopped dieting and started eating according to hunger and fullness, but I think I am eating around 2000 calories or so (estimated after counting what I ate for three separate days recently) which doesn’t sound like enough? I am pretty mentally tired/foggy minded, I have hair loss, brittle nails and cold hands/feet, could this possibly be related to my previous restriction even after 2,5 years?
    My issue is, I’ve been eating according to hunger this whole time so why am I not more hungry if I need more calories? Do I need to “forcefully” eat 2500-3000+ calories for some time to “kick-start” my hunger, or am I okay where I am now?

    Thank you so much for your content, you have helped me a lot!

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