Fully Recovered After 29 Years Of Bulimia / Interview With Clara Hernandez

I’m so excited to share another inspiring recovery success story with you! 🙌 😊

Meet one of my former clients, Clara, who is now fully recovered after 29 years of bulimia, dieting, and overexercising.

In this interview we will talk about:

✔️ How she developed an eating disorder and what were her biggest struggles

✔️ How she started recovery and finally went “all in”

✔️ How was the recovery process like for her – weight gain, bloating, feeling exhausted…

✔️ All the progress she has made so far – getting back her period, having normal hunger cues and more energy, improved body image, and more!

Hope you enjoyed the interview! Leave a nice comment below for Clara!👇 Thanks for watching!

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