Four Years Fully Recovered From Bulimia And Orthorexia

In this video I talk about my recovery from bulimia and orthorexia. Because this month October 1st I celebrated my four years of being fully recovered. So, I will talk about what has changed and how it is in full recovery.

But first, I am so grateful that I chose the recovery. Because if you overcome the eating disorder you are able to eat normal meals and not be obsessed about it anymore. This is definitely the biggest benefit – not to think about food all the time. There is no more gilt, obsession and shame over the food and I have so much free mental space to think about other things in life.

Trough the recovery I was helping myself a lot and it took for a year to fully overcome. It wasn`t a straight line, I struggled a lot – didn`t know how to do, what to do or if it`s going to work at all. But I just started doing it and I was willing to do what it takes. Because it is so worth it – to have the rest of the life without eating disorder. And I truly wish that for you as well!

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