Food Thoughts As a Sign Of HUNGER // Eating Disorder Recovery

So many people in eating disorder recovery may not feel physically hungry and they think it’s their “intuitive eating” signals that say they should not eat more. BUT, at the same time, they also have constant food thoughts, food dreams, and obsessions, mental hunger and cravings. They still suffer from various starvation symptoms like easily gaining weight, bloating, water retention, no period, constantly cold, brain fog and anxiety.

Physical hunger is NOT the only hunger cue our body sends us that indicates we are hungry and should eat. Actually, constant food thoughts between meals ARE signs that you are SUPER hungry and should eat. It’s not normal to have those foods thoughts and they actually are a sign of starvation and hunger.

When I started to respond to my ALL hunger cues, whether it felt physical, mental, emotional, food thoughts, cravings, I finally got to a point of NO food thoughts, no excessive cravings, feeling content and satisfied after eating, felt like a normal eater. Now don’t don’t have those food thoughts…unless I’m getting hungry!


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  1. This is so interesting, someone just recently told me about this and it was like a lightbulb went off for me. It made so much sense to me. Thanks for talking about this!

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