Follow Me Around For 4 Days! // VLOG

Finally a new follow me around vlog after a million years! My last vog was about 9 months ago so I hope you feel excited to see this little change of content!

I literally filmed this for 4 days and was editing this for 8 hours just to get a 6 min video ?

I wanted to make this follow me around vlog to show you some bits of my life, what I do, to take you along. This is not a ” what I eat in a day” video just so you know, but more like a sneak peek into my life ?

Normal life after an eating disorder is possible!

Many people want to see a sneak peek into a life after eating disorder recovery. How you can continue a normal life and be fully free. Life will continue with its ups and downs but you can enjoy time with friends, do what you love, have healthy activities, interests and so much more!

In the video, as you can see, I was invited to give a little talk about my story and intuitive eating. I was very excited about that! I’m happy to spread this message of overcoming eating disorders and being able to fully recover and be a normal eater. I was also sure to talk about the dangers of dieting and how it can mess up your physical and mental health. We talked about our society’s brainwashed beauty standards and so much more!

I know many of you have requested for me to make vlogs for a long time since my last one. As you can see it just takes a lot of work and editing, but I do want to invite you more into my life. So you can get to know me and see that I’m actually just like you! ?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the vlog!

With love and gratitude,



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