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But what if you are not restricting or dieting anymore but you still find yourself bingeing or overeating? Is there something else you are maybe missing? Some way you ARE still restricting but are just not aware of it?

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  1. Hi!
    I severely restricted for about a year to the point of not eating for few day stretches at a time, losing a huge chunk of my body weight in only a few months. Now, as I am committed to recovery, I’m working to gain weight without setting too many rules (because rules are what got me in trouble in the first place).

    Now a few months into recovery, I am just breaching the 3000 calorie mark each day, sometimes I don’t quite get there. Here is my question: my body is becoming programmed to crave food right before bed, and a good amount. Is that ok? Is there a way to condition my body to not want a huge meal before sleeping? I’ve tried eating more throughout the day and it still wants it! Maybe because my body does a lot of repair during the night it actually needs all of that…cause I do wake up sometimes in the morning with a rumbling tummy even if I ate a lot right before bed. I feel like I’m getting ready for hibernation each night! Would talking to my nutritionist about a more regimented meal plan be a good idea? I don’t feel like I’m restricting but I can’t help eating so much before bed!

    1. yes make sure you do eat a lot of food during the day, and regularly, every 2-3 hours. 2500-3000 cals a day minimum. also, not just any food but HIGH-calorie food, plenty of carbs and fats. and REST a lot. and if doing all that you still need a lot of food before bed then eat it! your body needs it.

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