Eating Disorder Recovery // How To Stop Comparing Your Food Intake To Others

In my today`s video I will answer one of your questions about how to stop comparing your food intake to others. It is a very good question and I can definitely resonate with it. Because in my eating disorder recovery I was thinking about food all day and obsessing about what other people eat around me.

The eating disorder and especially the restriction in it and the kind of physical reaction it creates in your body and in your brain is that it changes your brain chemistry. When your brain is starved it makes you focused on food. And also focused on food that other people eat around you.

So actually you in your eating disorder recovery need to eat more. You need to give yourself the permission to eat more. And you need to take the responsibility over your recovery. You can not recover by obsessing and controlling the food of others. Because you can not compare your food intake to someone who is completely helthy. You are in your recovery and you need more food to restore your body then someone without eating disorder.

It might not be easy but it is very simple. And who says it has to be very complicated? Don`t let the eating disorder make it more complicated as it is. When you give yourself the permission to eat as much as you need then your body starts to recover physically and your brain gets enough nutrition. Then what happens is that your brain chemistry changes. It switches off from focusing on food.

So giving yourself a permission and taking the responsibility of your own recovery, going through the fear and feeling uncomfortable is only a short period of time. And this period will pass and you don`t have to obsess about food anymore.

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