Chat About Extreme Hunger, Overeating, Bingeing in Recovery

I saw many questions on Tumblr about extreme hunger, bingeing, overeating in recovery and want to give my thoughts on this.

3 thoughts on “Chat About Extreme Hunger, Overeating, Bingeing in Recovery”

  1. thanks for your video! we miss you!!!! i hope you are doing well with your move back to estonia.

    i have a question. i have been months into recovery (no exercise, no purging, no compensating of any sort), i no longer have water retention or bloating, or extreme hunger. i believe my hunger cues are back to normal, and i have had three consecutive periods. my weight from my stomach and thighs is yet to redistribute.

    when can i consider myself fully recovered? does my current state indicate that i am almost there?

    1. aww thanks! 🙂 in my experience weight redistribution can take longer time, at least I have seen my body change up to one year after being fully recovered. but every body is different and the end result is really up to our body. but that is amazing you have seen so may positive changes: regular period, normal hunger cues, no bloating etc + no restriction or compensation – yes it all indicates you are recovered physically 🙂 another thing is mental recovery that adds to the full recovery – how is the mental recovery? body image, self-love etc? all this plays a role. it does not mean you have to feel perfect each day or never have ups and downs, but just be mentally free from ED as well – accepting your body as it is; not wanting to diet,restrict or compensate; no ED obsessive thoughts etc.

      1. i’m so glad to hear that. thank you 🙂
        i do believe my mental well-being is getting better. i don’t obsess looking at the mirror for hours anymore. i still have those days when i feel ugly and fat, but they come and go.
        i try not to look directly at the parts of my body that i still feel insecure about. (it’s like medusa’s eyes. i tell myself not to look directly at it!). i know i shouldn’t be so insecure, and i need to learn to accept myself. but this is easier for me for the time being.

        i can honestly say that i would’ve relapsed months ago if it wasn’t for your videos and support. it was difficult but i know it would’ve been much more difficult if i wasn’t exposed to all the correct information. i will be forever grateful.

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