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Why You Feel Flabby In Recovery

Today’s video is about weight redistribution. Why all the new weight you gain in recovery seems to be very uneven, you feel more flabby and fat. Will it stay that way forever? Why does it happen? What can you do? Subscribe to my Youtube channel!


TRIGGERING Diet Talk | Triggering Partner/Friend Who Is Dieting

How to deal with the triggering diet talk? How to deal with triggering partner/friend who is currently on a diet? In this video, I will talk about my own experience and what helped me to become immune to the diet talk and not let myself get sidetracked from my recovery. Minnesota Starvation Experiment [article]: click here. …

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I had a bad day…[relapse]

The thing is that in recovery you WILL have many ups and downs, good days but also bad days…but the key here is how to get yourself back up again and keep going no matter what. So here are some of my tips! Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more videos!

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