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Interview With Kathryn Hansen the Author of Brain Over Binge

For me, the major shift towards recovery came when I realized that my urges to binge were not simply an emotional problem or me trying to fill a “void” in my life by stuffing my face with food. The binges weren’t a coping mechanism or a response to some “unresolved emotional issues” I needed to fix. …

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The Unicorn Syndrome

This is a repost [with permission] from Post author: Amalie from “The Unicorn Syndrome” explains the thought patterns people go through in recovery. (This text is written with a little sarcasm and humour and should not be taken as an offense.) The Unicorn Syndrome, shortened TUS, is a syndrome, or disillusion, that commonly occurs among …

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Calories for Eating Disorder Recovery

This post is subjected mainly for people in eating disorder recovery. But anyone can benefit from this post no matter if you are a normal eater or if you have had ANY kinds of food problems. Also the calorie recommendations in this post apply to everybody – to people in recovery, post recovery or if you are a normal eater.

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