Can’t Feel Hunger? How to Know If Fully Recovered? Children and Intuitive Eating? // Q&A #1

This is the Part 1 of the Q&A video series I’m doing 🙂 In this video, I’m giving advice on how to start making your hunger cues more normal, what it means to be “fully recovered”, and how to approach the subject of children and intuitive eating?

Links mentioned in the video:
My recovery book “Brainwashed”:
Homeodynamic Recovery Method:
What means “full recovery”?:
Book “Intuitive Eating”:
Web link about children and intuitive eating:

2 thoughts on “Can’t Feel Hunger? How to Know If Fully Recovered? Children and Intuitive Eating? // Q&A #1”

  1. I just bought your book, read it entirely, and I have just starting to view your videos, which I watch primarily for the kitty.


    Jokes aside: this is very interesting and encouraging. I am highly skeptical of everything – who would not be, given all that we have hear and read about eating and nutrition and metabolism and weight loss and gain etc ? At my age (46), I think I’ve hear it all …

    And I am not 100% sure this recovery idea is for me, because I have never been on an “extreme” diet / restriction (except Dukan ? :-/) , I have not been anorexic or bulimic … But I have had a serious bingeing problem for the last two years, probably more serious than I cared to admit until recently. I am struggling not to compensate too much, as it would make matter worst, while trying not to gain too much weight.. But the point is: I KNOW it was triggered by my dieting. That’s the main, if not the only reason. I was not like that before my first “real” diet (Weight Watchers), ten years ago … I tended to eat a little too much, but never even came close to losing control and eat enough to be sick.
    I have tried to eat intuitively before (one of the 100 things I tried ), but I did not have the right mindset and behaviour (ex: I was still compensating when I thought I was eating too much). Of course, that intuitive eating was, finally, just another “diet”.

    But now I’ll go through all your material, and also read the resources that you recommend, because my gut tells me that it might be the answer I have been looking for …

    Sorry for the rambling ! And thanks for all this.

    1. the recovery works either way if you are in extreme or not. it is the only answer, to get fully free!! thank you for commenting! 🙂

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