Body Image And Weight Gain Q&A #1 // Eating Disorder Recovery

In today’s video, I will answer many of YOUR questions about body image and weight gain in eating disorder recovery. A few weeks ago I asked you to ask me body image related questions on Instagram so finally, a proper Q&A is here! (and part nr 2 will come out next week!)

I think body image and weight gain struggles in recovery are definitely the number one thing people find the hardest to face and overcome. It can be the primary reason for a relapse and never fully letting go of your eating disorder.

But I want to reassure you that:
  1. Your body is NOT the problem
  2. Food is NOT the problem

But what is the real thing to work on is your MINDSET.

You don’t struggle because of the body but what kind of meaning you attach to your situation and what is your mindset about it. If you learn to see it that way you can really start making some massive progress in your body image and struggles with your weight.

For full recovery from an eating disorder, the physical side is absolutely important but what I see is that many people don’t pay equal attention to the mental recovery. Un-brainwashing from misconceptions about our body and rewiring their brain. And this will not get you long-lasting results or help you reach full recovery and full freedom from eating disorders.

But the thing with your mindset is that you can develop it, you can change it, and you can reprogram it. You can change your thoughts and beliefs about your body and in return, this will also change your feelings about your body and will lead to some real positive results in your life.

So I hope today’s video can start to shift your mindset, make new connections, new perspectives and new beliefs.

Hope you enjoy!

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