Body Image And Weight Gain Q&A #2 // Eating Disorder Recovery

Today is the time for Body Image and Weight Gain Q&A #2! In this video, I will continue answering the questions you sent me on Instagram and offer you my thoughts, insights, and guidance.

Body image problems and weight gain can be one of the biggest reason for a relapse or never fully recovering so I really hope this video gives you reassurance once again that – no matter what, recovery is always the best answer and solution.

I talk about comparing yourself to others, missing or grieving your thin body, what to do about others opinion about your recovery and much more!

But remember – no matter your question, worry, or fear (but yes, it’s valid) none of it is a reason for not recovering. If you find a reason for not recovering then it’s 100% an eating disorder reason, not a healthy reason.

In my recovery, I also had many questions and worries but I realized that no matter what, NOTHING is more important than full recovery. Reaching to full recovery was my top priority. Everything else was secondary. All my fears and worries I was willing to figure out and overcome along the way. But full recovery was non-negotiable to me.

So I also want to remind you that you have to make a concrete DECISION to recover no matter what. Then videos, like I made today, will help you forward. Otherwise, if you still go back and forth wanting recovery and then wanting the safety of an eating disorder you are just sabotaging your process.

It all starts with YOU and you making a decision to recover no matter what. Then all your questions, fears, concerns you will overcome and figure out as well.

So make recovery your top priority. Never let anybody tell you it’s not possible. It totally is but it requires a concrete decision on your part and taking action towards your goals. Otherwise, no amount of reassurance will convince you if you just won’t make a decision to fully recover.

Hope it helps!

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