[Audio] Weight Gain and Eating Enough In Recovery

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This is a short eating disorder recovery support audio to keep you on track in recovery.

In this audio I talk about weight gain and the fear that comes with it during recovery and how eating enough is very important to restore your body and normal hunger cues and a healthy relationship with food.

2 thoughts on “[Audio] Weight Gain and Eating Enough In Recovery”

  1. Elisa – thankyou for this audio. Today i ate what i wanted, every day i realise i restrict, in some way, because i have for so many years. today i ate fried food, fat, sugary treats, 2 x dinner – it was satisfying but also terrifying. So terrifying. I’m not sure how long this fear will last? its so challenging to sit with the feeling. This audio is very reassuring and comforting, I would not even be on a recovery journey if it were not for you!

    1. Thanks, Brodie! you gave me a good idea to do a video or article about fear foods and how to introduce them, how it was like for me and what helped etc. I would say the most important thing to get over this fear is being consistent – not allowing these foods just sometimes, but all the time, whenever you want. Then the cravings can eventually balance out. If you only allow them sometimes, then these cravings and fear can stay forever. And it’s best to just challenge your fears, in my recovery if there were any foods I felt fearful of I knew that I HAD TO eat this food, there was not other option. After a while, it got even exciting to challenge my fears 🙂 I felt empowered and in control, not controlled by fears, and I became so happy when I started to notice that by challenging my fears the fear actually started to fade away! 🙂 Thank you so much and I wish you all best! I know you can do it!

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